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Yoga for Anger

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  • Yoga for Anger
  • Yoga for Anger Management
  • Yoga Poses for Anger
  • Yoga for Anger Release
Yoga for Anger
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Class Quote:

“How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.”

~Carl Jung

Suggested music:

  • Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Shallow
  • Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day
  • John Mayer, Shadow Dancing
  • John Mayer, Gravity

Yoga for Anger Overview

Yoga Class for your anger | Yoga class flow to help with anger management.

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes on day 82. Our class today is inspired by anger. Yes that’s right, anger. We all have anger at some point in life. Anger can serve us, but our anger more often than not it can cause harm.

We honor our anger and our shadow side in this yoga class flow. Yoga is a safe and wonderful outlit for us to release frustration, manage our anger in constructive ways and realize that there are times when anger serves us. Honor your feelings, rather than deny them. Feel alive as we work through anger in this yoga flow class.

Yoga for Anger Release

In order to release anger, we will do a cooling down flow. There will be strength challenges so we can build strength to stand up for what we believe in and for those in society that need our protection.

In this yoga class we will try to transform anger awareness into compassion and action. Awareness is the key.

Yoga Poses for Anger

Begin laying down and examine feelings you may have. Are you anxious, coping with anxiety, stress, grief, irritability, fear, or anger?

Mindfully acknowledge the emotional energy that flows with each yoga breath. Find the inner angry daemons and focus on the power of letting go. Invite in relaxing, awareness of mental calm. Feel your body calming and coping as your mind makes room for the sweet peacemakers within yourself.

Now we are ready to flow with a vinyasa yoga sequence roll along your spin for a minute. Roll up to a seated position and set an intention to feel the power of your shadow side and how it balances out the light within you.

Switch to table top for a few minutes of gentle flowing, releasing, and stretching yoga poses. Feel the sweet release as you move slowly and gently with your breath.

Next, we move into floor backbends to open the heart and finish with embryo version of child’s pose to turn inward. Roll up to hero posture and honor the hero within you who is willing to look into the darkness within you.

Make your way to downdog for a min to appreciate our relationship with and responsibility for our pets.

Next, we come into a standing stretch series of flowing yoga poses. Find release in the flow that is perfect for a beginner, advanced, or even a yoga instructor.

Notice how the yoga practice has enhanced your health. Yoga is a healthy way to clear your demons and is an organic way to bring a glowing yin workout into your day.

Yoga for Anger Management

Fitness is a great way to deal with bad days that can become a bad week. Anger can affect your body in the liver, hips, legs, mood and your ability to stop feeding the darkness will help you show up for the littles in your life.

My part of healing through yoga can be found on many days of yoga classes. Try out days 10, 14, 15, 18, 30, and 50 for mins of short meditation and yoga.

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