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Yin Yang Yoga

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Yin Yang Yoga
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Yin Yang Yoga​ Overview

Yin Yang Yoga

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. 10 min yoga classes to get you right into the practice of yoga. This class is yin and yang yoga fusion class to stretch and strengthen your body.

This home yoga practice is great for beginners and all levels of yoga students. Begin your day by doing it in the morning or if you have a busy day, do it in the evening before bedtime.

You might like to add props to your yoga or you can do the practice without them.

Yin Yang Yoga Sequence

We will begin with yang yoga postures to warm up the body. Sun Salutation flow yoga offers a full-body workout. If you have ever done a burpy you might notice the similarities with this total body exercise.

Next, we will do come core strengthening for strength and to boost your energy.

We will finish with yin yoga which is holding yoga poses that stretch the body for a specific period of time.

Because we have just a few minutes to explore yin yoga in this video we will do only three deep flexibility yin poses.

For the yin portion of the yoga class we will focus on hips, hamstrings, legs and stretching the spine. These are the muscles needed to stretch the most. It is best to go slow in yin yoga.

Begin the yin yoga full body muscle stretch in a seated positon in butterfly yoga pose. Bring the bottoms of your feet together and allow your knees to open wide to feel a stretch in the hip area.

We will hold the yin yoga poses for one min. After 20 to 30 seconds any resistance or tightness will begin to melt away as you relax.

For a beginner, it may take longer to find relaxation. There should be no sharp pain. You will feel a stretch at a certain point.

Next we will move into a wide leg forward fold for a hip opening release. This is more intense so it may take 45, 50 or even the full 60 seconds to get the full yoga stretch.

Our last posture is the seal yoga pose. Begin by laying on your belly with your hands above your shoulders and your legs slightly separated. Use arm strength to lift your upper body into a backbend. Bend Your knees for a bigger stretch.

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