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Bridge Pose
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Bridge Pose Overview

Bridge Pose

How to do bridge yoga pose | bridge yoga pose

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. Today’s quick 10 min class is a tutorial on how to do bridge yoga pose. Grab a yoga block and let’s get started.

Bridge Pose in Yoga

This yoga posture is a back bend done on the shoulders. Bridge pose is a prep for other, more advanced back bends like wheel pose and for inversions like plow pose and shoulder stand yoga pose.

We will begin on our stomach to practice opening the heart space with floor backbend poses. The first backbend will be cobra yoga pose. We will do a flow in cobra and then hold the pose for a few breaths.

Next, we will do a sphinx yoga pose. For beginners, this might feel difficult, but with practice, it will get easier.

The next step is to move into seal which is a yin yoga pose. There are ways to prevent pain in back bends. First extend, then move into a deeper backbend yoga pose.

Next we move into floor bow yoga pose. This yoga pose is more challenging if backbending is hard for you. Be gentle with your body with backbends. If you experience pain, back off.

Next, come to tabletop and loosen up your body with a flowing cat-cow series of action yoga movements.

A big camel backbend pose will be the best way to know how open you are. Let’s use a block here between your thighs to keep your legs separated just right. Do camel one hand at a time and then try to do both hands to heels. Doing these variations gives you confidence on how to do the full yoga pose.

We are almost ready for the full bridge yoga pose. We sit in hero yoga pose to stretch the muscles and do a forward fold to counter stretch the spine.

To do bridge yoga pose come to lying on your back with a block nearby. This simple secret will help you feel successful in the posture.

It is important to protect your neck in bridge pose. To protect your neck keep your neck neural and look up at the sky or ceiling. Do not turn your head in bridge pose.

Place your feet hip distance apart. Put your yoga block between your thighs as you life your hips this will keep your legs the correct distance apart. Hold this variation of bridge yoga pose for a few breaths.

Lower your hips. Release your back by drawing your knees to your chest.

Bridge Pose Variations

For the next version of bridge yoga pose, place your hands by your side. As you lift your hips, lift your hands over your head. This flowing version of bridge pose is done by letting your breath guide the movement. Breathe in as you lift your hips. Breath out as you lower them.

After four or five breaths with movement, rest your hips on the yoga mat and hug your knees to your chest again.

Now create the same starting bridge prep, feet on the mat and hands by your side. As you lift your hips in to bridge pose, notice how it feels and do what is best. If you can slide your shoulders deeper beneath you and interlace your hands behind your back.

We finish with a restorative version of the bridge yoga pose. Grab your yoga block and when you lift your hips, slide the block beneath your sacrum bone. You can keep your knees in the air or extend your legs out like you do in savasana and enjoy a big hip-opening stretch.

To release, place your feet on the mat, lift your hips and move the block out from beneath you. Hug your knees into your chest to counter stretch your back.

Bridge Pose Benefits

The sanskrit words for back bends and bridge pose variations are asana with means pose, asanas is poses, setu bandha, bandhasana, sarvangasana, dhanurasana, and urdhva.

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