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Moon Salutation

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  • Moon Salutation
  • Moon Salutation Yoga
  • Moon Salutation Sequence
  • Chandra Namaskar
Moon Salutation
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Class Quote:

This quote will help you carry the inspiration from our class into your dreams as you sleep tonight.

Quote “There’s something enchanted about night. All those heavenly bodies, shooting stars, the crescent moon, celestial phenomenon.” 

~Luanne Rice

Suggested music:

  • Van Morrison, Moondance

  • Donna De Lory, Om Namah Shivaya

  • Jai Jagdeesh, In Dreams

  • Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Shallow

Moon Salutation​ Overview

Moon Salutation

365 Day 80 Moon Salutation | Evening yoga stretch moon salutation flow | Yoga evening flow moon salutations

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes on day 80. Our inspiration for yoga class today is a mandala flow of moon salutations.

Set your intention to slow down, renew everyday, and maintain a connection to what matters most to you. I recommend you have a journal nearby to notate how you feel.

Moon salutations are ususally done on a full moon night. You can use this class to wind down a the end of a busy day or in the morning to start your day out with a slow gentle stretch.

Moon Salutation Yoga

The practice is calming and connects you to the lunar cycle. Inviting in the rituals for relaxation in namaskar at bedtime helps you find clarity, peace of mind, and quiet to help you settle restlessness into your restorative soul within.

The class is perfect for beginner, intermediate, or advanced yoga students of all levels. The poses are done slowly to encourage slowing down and relaxing so that you can sleep well.

Sun salutations are invigorating, energizing, and stimulating. Moon salutation or Chandra salutations are the opposite and a perfect balance to sun salutation yoga practice.

Moon salutation yoga flow sequence is usually done facing the long edge of the yoga mat. I have seen several versions of moon flow, the one in this online home yoga video is my personal favorite version.

Chandra Namaskar

We begin standing at the top of the mat facing the long edge of the yoga mat. The flow starts with a half moon version with feet together or separated hip distance apart.

Stretch long through the torso as you inhale reach your arms overhead, interlace your fingers, and tilt to the left as you exhale. Take a few long slow breaths as you imagine your body laying over a large beach ball. Inhale up to center and then exhale to the right. Hold here for the same length of time.

The first time we do each pose we hold for longer to teach the physical body what to do.

Take a big step to the left into the goddess pose by turning your feet out slightly and lowering your hips. Ground down and release. Salute the divine goddess as you shine and tune in to all the good in you.

Begin to turn left into a triangle pose. With both legs straight tilt left and extend through your arms.

From the triangle turn toward the mat into a pyramid yoga pose. Stretch long over the left leg.

Next, drop the right knee down and lift your arms up into a modified version of the crescent lunge.

From crescent lunge spin on your feet into surfers pose. Some variations of yoga videos call this a half split or scandasana in Sanskrit.

Shift your surfers pose to the other side and breathe. Shift and move into a modified, knee down crescent lunge with the left knee down.

After a few breaths lift the back knee and move into the pyramid yoga posture on the second side. Breath and open into triangle pose.

From triangle yoga pose lift up and squat down into goddess pose.

From Goddes yoga squat move to the mountain at the left edge of your yoga mat to prepare for the sequence in reverse.

For side two, tilt first to the right, then the left and proceed through the sequence.

After we have completed both sides moving slowly, taking several full breaths on each side we will flow more swiftly with the breath.

Remember this tutorial is designed to be different than hatha yoga flow sessions. This vinyasa flow is slow and stretchy. Notice how you can move honoring your body with each breath and each movement.

With the confinement of your home yoga practice you might find restless nights upset your sleep.

Count your breathing as you come into savasana. Five, 20 or 26 slow deep breaths may help you fall asleep after this new class by Janet Parks.

Yoga is a way to heal your body mind and soul.

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