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10 Minute Yoga Stretch
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10 Minute Yoga Stretch​​ Overview

Welcome to the 10 minute transformation yoga stretches. 10 Minute Yoga Stretch is designed to give you a full body stretch. You can do this yoga routine in the morning, right after you wake up, or in the evening before bedtime. This 10 min stretch is fabulous for or any time throughout the day.

Our muscles can become tight for many reasons. The most common reason for tight muscles is other forms of exercise such as running or weight lifting. The other common reason for tight muscles is a lack of use. Regardless of the reason why, your sore muscles could use a complete 10-minute stretching workout.

So whether you have felt lazy at home or if you have been working out hard, this 10 minute yoga stretch routine is for you. The best part about this yoga stretch class is that you won’t even need props!

Feel free to take this class as a yoga beginner or more advanced yoga practitioner. Doing daily yoga stretches is relatively easy and can really help you in relaxation before bed or help you wake up to move with ease and flexibility throughout your day.

Your body may start to crave the full body 10 minute yoga stretch!

All levels of yoga students, even beginners, rarely blunder theses simple yoga poses and flows. 10 min of stretching can give your body an overall sense of remarkable flexibility, effortless mobility, and even incredible energy throughout the day, morning, noon, or evening.

Here’s a sample of the 10 min yoga stretch class:

Let’s begin sitting on the floor. Sit on a block or chair as needed for comfort. Take three deep breaths. Now float your arms overhead and take a slow stretch through the right side of the body.

Next, stretch through the left side body. Imagine you are picking fruit from a branch just above you.

Let’s take this a little further. Release your left hand to the mat and stretch through the right side of your body.

Stretch your right hand up and over to the left. Take a few deep breaths and notice what you feel. Release the right hand down by our side and stretch the opposite side of your body. Stretch the left hand up and over and enjoy the stretch for a few full breaths.

Come back to the center. Stretch both legs out in front of you. Stretch forward with bent knees. Slowly straighten your legs as much as possible while leaning forward over your legs. Take a few deep breaths here.

Now bend your knees and bring your feet together to touch and allow your knees to fall open like butterfly wings.

Slowly bend over your legs and enjoy a few deep breaths here. Now stretch your legs apart and forward. Keep a bend in your knees as you lean forward. Take a few breaths here.

Next, take the bottom of your left foot to the inside of your right leg. It’s like half of the yoga butterfly pose. Turn toward the bent knee left knee. Place your right hand on your right leg and bend to the right. Enjoy a left side full body stretch for a few deep breaths.

Now turn toward the right leg and bend forward over the right leg. Feel free to keep the right knee bent as needed. Rise up and twist toward the left bent knee. Breathe and lengthen your spine, breath out, and twist to the left.

Place your left hand behind your left butt cheek. Use your right hand on your left knee to deepen the twist. Take a few breaths here. Keep your left hand on the floor behind you as you unravel. Stretch your right hand toward your right foot.

Make a circle on the floor as you stretch to the left and then flow up toward the ceiling and rise up on your left shin and knee as you enjoy a gentle back bend. Enjoy and fully open your heart.

Unravel the twist and change legs. Straighten your left leg to the left and place your right foot on your inner left thigh like half of a yoga butterfly pose.

Turn toward the bent right leg. Slide your right hand down your right leg and enjoy a side body stretch on the right side of your body.

Take a few full breaths.
Rise up and turn toward the extended left leg and fold over the left leg for a few deep breaths. Rise up and turn to the right bent knee. Place your right hand on the floor behind your right butt cheek. Place your left hand on your bent right knee.

Breathe in as you lengthen through your spine and build strength. Twist to the right as you exhale. Take a few deep breaths here. Keep your right hand on the floor behind you as you unravel your twist.

Stretch your left hand toward your left foot. Trace a half circle on the floor as you stretch to the right and up toward the ceiling.

If you can press into the floor with your right hand and rise up onto your right shin and knee opening your heart into a gentle back bend. Stay here for a few breaths.

Now release back down and enjoy the effects of this 10-minute transformation yoga stretch class.

Did you energize your body? Do you notice how you don’t feel stiff anymore?

As you cool down, take a self-scan without judgment. You can do this 10-minute yoga stretch whenever you feel you need a boost. Although this is has been created for a 10 minute stretch, feel free to 12, 20, 24 or even 29 minutes stretching. There is no limit here. A good stretch is always welcome.

If you enjoyed this 10-minute yoga stretch, please share or post with others. Take care to treat yourself with love and kindness.

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