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Down Dog Yoga Pose

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Down Dog Yoga Pose
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Down Dog Yoga Pose​ Overview

Down Dog Yoga Pose Tutorial

This down dog yoga tutorial offers variations on the pose. As you try each step know that they are building blocks for the next part. You will improve over time.

In the videos I teach students how to use props like a blanket or block. Essentials are explained to create low chance and to avoid pain, make an adjustment, and fix alignment. I also offer classes and other shorter videos in 10 and 18 min versions. Choose the greatest one for you depending on your experience and time available.

Down Dog for Beginners

This is a beginners level home yoga class with some challenges. I will always offer a series of beginner versions of each pose and modifications to help lift you up.

This is also a 30 minute workout with basic foundational instruction to learn upward facing dog, or updog for short.

Be sure to take good care of your body, avoid errors, follow the steps, and do the yoga postures and techniques I’m teaching in ways that feel good.

We begin in table top yoga pose to discuss common alignment of the hands to be used as a foundation in downward facing dog yoga pose. Learn to properly position your muscle groups in perfect yogini style.

Spread your fingers out wide like starfish on the beach. Push firmly through the L shape created by your thumb and first finger.

Be mindful that you align the joints of the arms. From your shoulder joint, through your elbow and into your wrists.

The middle finger of each hand should look parallel with the outer edges of your mat. This is all to take good care of your wrist joint in tabletop yoga pose as well as in downward facing dog yoga pose.

Next, warm up your spine with a few rounds of flowing cow and cat yoga poses. Flow is the energy of living in harmony with life.

Downward Dog

A dog is an inspiration for our practice. As we move into the animation of downward facing dog yoga pose bring to mind a dog in your life.

Maybe one from the beginning of life or one in your life right now. In downward facing dog pose we send our hips up high creating the letter V shape with our body.

Bend your knees like a dog would and send your tail up. Arch your back like you did in cow pose. Next take a deep stretch rest in child’s yoga pose.

Down Dog is said to be a resting posture but unlike shvanasana, the hacks will journal the work for adults and kids.

Down Dog Yoga Pose Secret

Let me let you in on a secret, I have never felt it to be very restful but I still love the greatest relief I get in my legs when I do downdog. I offer table top and puppy pose as modifications for downward dog yoga pose.

But, use child’s pose if you really need a rest. After moving through some classic sun salutations vinyasa beginning in tadasana or mountain pose we move into core strengthening and back work starting with cobra, we explore more advanced versions of downward facing dog yoga pose.

This sequence is essential for warming up the body and the greatest way to prepare for more challenges to come. We move into a twist by placing the feet wider on the mat. The heels may now reach the mat.

Place your palm at the center of the mat for better balance. Reach under your body with one hand and try to grab your opposite leg. Try this flexibility challenge on both sides.

Next, we flip our downward dog into revolved dog or wild thing by grounding down in the hands while extending one leg up into three legged dog. If you are inflexible you can place the lifted leg’s foot on the ground or mat into a three legged wheel.

It is difficult for most so go slow and adjust the pose to meet you where you are.

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