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  • Yoga to Stretch Hips
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  • Yoga Poses for Hip Flexors
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  • Easy Yoga Stretches for Hips
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  • Yoga Stretches for Hips for Beginners
  • Yoga Stretches for Sore Hips
10 Minute Yoga Stretches for Hips
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Yoga Stretches For Hips​ Overview

Ready for an easy 10 Min Deep Yoga Stretch For Hip Flexibility?

The class takes you through at least 20 various yoga stretches designed to increase your flexibility and release pain.

We will begin standing to align our back to the best of our ability. Notice if your hips tilt back or tuck under. Move your hips and bring them into a pose that feels neutral position.

Next step your feet apart and turn your toes out. Feel each hip externally rotate. Notice if you feel tight in your hips in this rotation.

A yoga squat is done with toes turned out. Feel your hamstrings stretch as your legs are straight. Now squat and notice any tightness in your hips. This hip-opening yoga stretch pose will open your hips carefully.

Move your body up and down several times in the yoga hip stretch to feel relief from tight hips.

Next, straighten your legs and turn your toes inward to stretch your hips internally in a forward fold. In this internal hip- rotation yoga stretch you can bend your knees if your back is tight. This is true for most beginners. Hold this deep yoga stretch for about a minute. Breathe and as you exhale you will find more flexibility in your hamstrings.

Rise up slow and bring your feet together to touch. Move into a balance yoga posture.

Find tree pose by lifting your right foot to your inner left arch, calf muscle or inner thigh. Turn your right hip out as your left hip remains neutral. Your hands can remain at heart center in prayer position or extend your hands overhead.

Release slowly and do the same pose on the other side. Shift onto your right foot and lift your left foot up.

Turn your left hip out as your right hip remains neutral. Place the sole of your left foot on the ankle, calf or inner thigh of your right leg. Hold each side for the same amount of time. 10 to 15 seconds or longer.

Notice if these yoga poses are challenging for you. Is one side easier than the other? A deep hip opening yin stretch is frog pose. To do this part of the practice step your feet slightly wider than your hips. Turn your toes out and drop your hips as low as you can. Notice if one hip is tighter than the other.

Next, lower your glutes to the floor or yoga mat.

Yoga Stretches For Hips Openers

We will do two hip opening stretches. First is bound angle. Bring the bottom of your feet to touch and let your knees drop open. Fold forward for a min. This yoga stretch and release the groin and lower back.

Next, extend your legs wide. Feel the sensations deep in your hips as you bend forward. This yoga stretch moves the hip flexors and increases flexibility. It will also help if your back is sore. We will finish this 10 minute yoga stretch for hips lying on our back.

As you come to your back, hug your knees into your chest. Next, do bound angle yoga pose on your back. Breathe slowly as you hold this pose.

To release bring your knees up. Can you feel the inner thigh muscles called adductors tighten?

Now bring your feet to the outer edges of your mat and ask the knees to touch. This stretch releases the lower back. This is an easy stretch that helps athletes and yoga students. We finish our class in supine pigeon yoga pose. This is my favorite yoga stretch for hips. Each hip will stretch as you follow the flow of your breath.

Be gentle and go only as deep as feels good to you.

Enjoy the yoga stretches

Before you start any yoga class with hip stretches you should check with your doctor. Yoga postures should never hurt. Modifying any pose is possible. If you have arthritis in your hips be extra gentle.

Even just 10 minute yoga stretch can support you along your yoga journey.

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