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10 Minute Beginning Yoga
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10 Minute Beginning Yoga Yoga Class​ Overview

10 Minute Beginning Yoga

Welcome to 10 minute transformation yoga for beginners. Our yoga practice begins in table top position on our hands and knees.

Align your palms beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Lengthen through your spine and take a few yoga breaths to notice what you feel.

If you need to add a blanket beneath your knees or palms for support.

Warm up your spine with a few rounds of cow and cat yoga poses. I love this beginners morning yoga stretch. Follow your own inner wisdom and do what is best for you.

10 Minute Beginning Yoga Poses

To do cow yoga pose drop your belly toward the floor or mat while lifting your head and tail upward. Feel the stretch in your tummy as the back shortens.

To do cat yoga pose stretch your back up toward the ceiling as you tuck your tail under and draw your chin to your chest. Feel your stomach muscles tighten as your back stretches.

Now move your spine between these two yoga postures as you breathe. Inhale into cow yoga pose and exhale into cat yoga posture using extra core control in cat.

After a few rounds of cat and cow come into child’s pose to rest for a few breaths. From child’s pose rise back up into table top yoga asana.

10 Minute Beginning Yoga Flow

Curl your toes under and come to downward facing dog yoga pose.

This foundational yoga posture will help you strengthen your arms and stretch your legs. Take a few breaths here.

Next walk to the top of your mat. Hang out in a relaxed yoga forward fold called rag-doll.

Keep your knees bent and sway side to side if you like.

Next bring your feet together and decide if this feels good or if you need more stability keep your feet separated. Roll up to standing slowly.

Sun Salutations are done to help warm up your body. This beginning series can be done with options to meet you where you are.

First come into mountain yoga pose with your arms reaching overhead. Hold this posture tall and strong like a mountain.

Next fold forward slowly as you exhale. Breathe in to lift up just half way. Try to keep your back flat. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Exhale as you place your hands on the mat. Here you have three options. The easiest thing to do would be to come to downward facing dog yoga posture.

A slightly stronger option is to lower to your knees as you move into a yoga push up.

To do a yoga push up keep your elbows in touching your body as you lower. You might also choose to do a full yoga push-up from your toes, move forward and lower halfway or all the way to your tummy on your mat.

Move with your breath exhale as you lower. With your next breath in lift into cobra yoga pose by lifting your head and heart space upward.

If you want to try upward facing dog yoga posture, straighten your arms as you lift up. Keep you knees and thighs off of your mat resting on the tops of your feet.

From cobra yoga pose or upward facing dog yoga posture, move to downward facing dog yoga pose.

Repeat sun A flow two more times moving with your breath. Sun salutations are usually done in the morning to greet the day. I like to do them in the evening too.

Sun salutations are done to boost your energy activation. This simple energizing yoga routine will They are easy and great for all levels.

We will finish our beginner yoga workout exercise series by balancing in tree yoga pose. Take care of your self, focus and move slow to balance in tree.

You will build strength in this 10 minute yoga class for beginners. I recommend a daily 10 minute practice to increase muscle mobility, productivity without weight.

I recommend props for this class. It might work better with two yoga blocks and one yoga blanket.

10 Minute Beginning Yoga Conclusion

Watch for more 10 minute yoga for beginners to learn more complete yoga postures.

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