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Yoga Body

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  • Know what your body is telling you?
  • Yoga Body and Brain
  • Yoga Body Flow
Yoga Body
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Class Quote:

“The body is your temple, keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”

~BKS Inyegar

Suggested music:

  • Des’ree, You Gotta Be
  • Michael Buble’, Feeling Good
  • John Mayer, Your Body Is A Wonderland
  • Donna De Lory, Be The Change
  • M83, Wait

Yoga Body Class​ Overview

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes day 4. This class is inspired by your body.

In yoga the body is considered the temple for the soul.

Respected yoga teacher, guru and one of the first to bring yoga to the United States, BKS Inyegar wrote in his book, The Tree of Yoga.

“The body is lazy, the mind is vibrant and the soul is luminous. Yogic practices develop the body to the level of the vibrant mind so that the body and the mind, having both become vibrant, are drawn to towards the light of the soul.”

In yoga we push the edge while simultaneously respecting the body.

Understanding Yoga Body

Yoga asana practices are opportunities to get to understand the body. To explore strength, flexibility, breathing, heart rate and the subtle aspects of energy and emotions.

We use the body as a way to quiet the distractions of the mind.

The body stores all the experiences of life. It is believed that we hold our emotions and relationship issues in the hips, financial worries in the lower back, our ability to take in life in the chest and the process of assimilation of experiences in the stomach.

Our body tells us the truth. Our minds will tell us stories which may or may not be truthful.

Practicing power yoga is an opportunity to tune into and learn about ourselves on an intimate level. Begin with the hands and bring awareness to any sensations.

Reserve judgement, just accept what you feel on this day and remember every day is different.

Yoga Body and Brain

Use this yoga practice for self-exploration. Learn something new about you.

Be open to receiving the messages your body is telling you. Rejoice and celebrate your body. The temple that houses your soul.

Observe how your daily yoga classes can help you focus. Notice how yoga inspired classes helps you create abundance in your life.

Classes may vary in length. Start where you are each day. Notice how after just 10 classes you feel the benefits.

Each class has an introduction, and intention or inspiration to help create an abundance of flow.

Beginners and advanced yoga students will find some classes more moving, down to basics and peace can be experienced each.

I encourage you to maintain opening to peace, dreams, friendship, healthy, happy, love, nature, space, magic, history, slowing, stillness, chaos, inversions, relaxation, stretch, thoughts, control and surrender on your yoga journey.

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