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Camel Pose
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Camel Pose Overview

Camel Pose

Camel pose in Sanskrit for beginners and benefits | Ustrasana how to do Camel Pose?

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. Today we will focus our yoga quick 10-minute yoga class on how to do a wonderful yoga backbend called camel pose or ustrasana in sanskrit.

Benefits of Camel Pose?

There are many benefits to doing camel pose, ustrasana yoga pose. This pose opens your heart and chest area and improves your mood. Back bending yoga poses elevate your mood and lift you up.

Camel yoga or ustrasana pose is also said to align your chakra energy centers that run along the length of your spine and up through the crown of your head.

Camel yoga pose also benefits you by helping you build confidence as you move into this posture by blindly dropping back into it. Backbends can be scary. This short tutorial will alleviate fear by moving through each step carefully.

We begin laying on the mat on our belly for a sequence of yogic backbends. These asanas or postures will prep the body in how to open the front for the body carefully. Be easy. If you have any contraindications such as spinal injury, go slowly as we bend.

Building on a foundation will assure success as we move toward camel yoga pose, ustrasana.

Using a how to approach helps you find camel pose more easily. Each pose we do before we get to the camel pose prepares you for the pose.

Yoga is an art of steps toward yogi asana. Iyengar yoga teaches us to follow the guide as we master each step perfectly. Power is the practice is having patience and finding a balance between effort and ease.

After camel we move into locust yoga pose. From locust we practice floor bow with one hand at a time, then both if we can.

Next, we are ready for the full practice of camel yoga pose. If your fitness level is beginner, curl your toes under as you reach for your heel one foot at a time.

Camel Pose Variations

We will practice this version of camel pose several times before we try other variations on the pose. If this is to challenging for you, try another pose or repeat until you feel confident do camel pose.

If you can do the foundations of a camel yoga pose, ustrasana you will know how to do it with the top of your feet flat on the yoga mat.

After we master each teaching version of camel yoga pose we will try dancing camel. To learn how to do dancing camel, connect to the rhythm of your breath. Moving with the breath is vinyasa or flowing yoga. Do your best to follow the tradition of yoga movement with the breath.


If you are still in lockdown during the corona virus quarantine doing yoga daily is great for your health. Its learning and living with life as it is now. Yoga is the union of body mind and breath . This yoga video helps.

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