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Yoga for Constipation

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Yoga for Constipation
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Yoga for Constipation​ Overview

10 Min Yoga Class For Constipation | Yoga Poses for Digestion and Constipation Relief

Yoga has long been known for the many health benefits it offers. Today our quick yoga class will include yoga poses that help with digestion and relief from constipation.

I will also offer a few tips that will help you alleviate and cure many digestive ailments including gut bloating, gas, ibf, ibs, stomach acidity, ibd, ulcerative colitis, intestine cramps, colon problems, and constipation.

This 10 minute yoga class may restore your tummy to harmony. I hope the poses offer relief. They are the best workout series to relieve simple and sometimes complex digestive issues.

This is an easy beginner yoga demo exercise sequence that anyone can do any time of day. You might need to repeat it several times to really feel better, improve your energy, and reduce fatigue.

This routine can often fix the problem. When other treatment principals don’t work. Notice how the moves make things go for you.

Begin your days by drinking lots of water. The more you hydrate, the better your digestion will function. I also recommend a cleanse diet with lots of natural fiber found in whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

Try not to overeat. Combine these principles to all or part of your routine and resolve digestion and constipation permanently.

Yoga Moves for Constipation

Begin lying on your back with your feet placed beneath your seat. Gently rock your knees side to side to gently twist.

Next bring your feet to touch and butterfly your knees apart.

Come to stillness and pull both knees into your belly. This puts pressure on your colon and assists with digestion to relieve constipation and gas.

This simple yoga pose provides a starting point to twist deeper. Drop both knees to the left and rest. Notice the pressure on the right side of your abdomen.

The ascending colon is on the right side of your lower abdomen. In this way we follow the journey of final elimination.

Next unravel the twist and hug the knees into the abdomen. This puts pressure on your transverse colon. Just breathe and feel the pressure.

Now drop both legs to the right and feel the pressure twist the left side of the belly where the descending colon is. You might pass gas in this series. If you do you know that it is working.

Unravel the twist and place pressure on the transverse colon by pulling your knees tightly into your chest.

Next we add intensity to the twist posture with eagle legs. Cross your right leg tightly over your left. hug both knees in and then drop them to the left.

Unravel and repeat on the other side.

Finish the back sequence with happy baby yoga pose to open up the hips and relax the groin area.

Yoga for Constipation Relief

Roll over to table top for a few round of cow and cat yoga flowing or vinyasa series. The free flow of these hatha yoga movements can be restorative to your poo system.

Lastly we move onto the belly to stimulate digestion with back bending and strengthening yoga asanas, or poses.

Finish in child’s yoga pose or balasana. I explain three variations on the posture that might help with digestion and constipation.

I hope this video has cured your digestive issues. I have a longer video on my healthy yoga series if you want to do more daily yoga for constipation and digestion.

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