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10 Minute Yoga Workout

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10 Minute Yoga Workout
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10 Minute Yoga Workout​ Overview

10 Minute Yoga Workout

Welcome to Free Yoga Club’s quick 10 minute yoga workout. This full body yoga workout will energize you. This class is for beginners or all levels of yoga students for both men and women.


Begin in table top on your hands and knees on a yoga mat. Begin to flow through cow and cat yoga stretches. Notice how these simple movements power up your core. You might feel your abs tighten as you do cat and bring energy to your body.

In this 10-minute yoga workout you should experience no pain. Move slow and add yoga props or other yoga equipment if you need to. Take care of your body in the 10 min you have carved out for yourself today to do a yoga workout.

Next move into downward facing dog yoga pose. This pose strengthens your arms while adding flexibility to your legs. It might be best to come back to table top if I keep you in this yoga pose too long.

Now walk to the top of your yoga mat into forward fold pose. In this yoga stretch be easy on your lower back and hamstrings by bending your knees to care for your body.

The next part of our 10-minute yoga practice will be sun salutations to boost your cardio vascular system and might even burn some belly fat. Keep breathing slowly and take any modification.

10 Minute Yoga Workout FOR BEGINNERS

A beginner might lower the intensity of this yoga flow by modifying on the knees for the yoga push-up. Sun Salutations are usually done in the morning but can be beneficial in the evening too.

We will finish up our full body yoga practice today with balance poses to improve focus. For better yoga balance find something in your home that you can focus on.

Begin in mountain yoga pose for 10 seconds and then lift your right foot and balance in one leg mountain. Take a minute. Do same yoga pose on the other side.

Next move into tree yoga pose by lifting your right foot and turn your knee out. Place your right foot above or below your left knee. Hold for 10. Take a min Then do tree yoga pose on the other side.

The last balance yoga pose is dancers pose. You might need to put your hand on a wall or chair as you kick your right foot behind you. Reach your right hand back and grab your foot. Now stretch your right foot away from your butt and flow your body forward creating a back bend. Release after 10 seconds and do the same posture on the other side.

Improve your yoga fitness routine by doing balance postures every day. If you lose your balance try again. By doing this 10 minute yoga sequence you strengthen your ability to balance. Start with 10 seconds and add 10 more seconds to the yoga poses every time you do them.

In time you may get strong in yoga. If you are sweaty, especially dudes who do yoga know that your strength is high. Notice if your muscles tone in 10 yoga workout sessions.

10 Minute Yoga Workout Recap

This full body workout for toning and super at helping with weight loss too. Repeat this 10 min yoga workout before bedtime and boost your productivity then too.

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