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Yoga for Peace of Mind

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  • Yoga for Peace of Mind
  • 10 Minute Yoga for Peace of Mind
Yoga for Peace of Mind Yoga class
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Yoga for Peace of Mind Overview

Yoga for Peace of Mind

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. Quick 10 minute classes designed to get you right into the practice of yoga. Today the inspiration for the class is finding peace of mind.

To begin, notice how present or distracted your mind is now. Close your eyes and observe your thoughts. It’s as if you are standing outside of yourself observing the fluctuations of your mind.

Yoga for Peace of Mind Sequence

Now bring your awareness to your breath. As soon as you shift your awareness from your thoughts to your breath you quiet the distractions of the mind.

Yoga teaches us to trust our body and realize that our mind is a tool to be controled and trained. Just like to train your body to do a task, you can train your mind to be calm and peaceful.

In a way yoga is a moving meditation. I will take you through a few yoga postures in this 10 min class and then help you keep your mind at peace with a guided meditation.

Begin in a seated position on your chair, yoga mat, or the floor. Use props such as a yoga blanket or block to sit on to be more relaxed and comfortable.

Practice three part breathing to really focus your mind in the present moment. Seek peace of mind in this breathing guided meditation.

Another name for this practice is mindfulness.

Practiced daily mindfulness will transform your life in uncertain times. You may develop the powerful tools shared in this 10 minute video.

Yoga for Peace of Mind Benefits

Some of the benefits you may experience in just a few minutes are a reduction in anxiety, tranquility, presence, positivity, stress release, clarity, contentment, grounding, happiness, kindness, love, balance, flow, reconnect, recharge, relief and stability just to name a few.

Find time for yourself in the morning to set positive affirmations and evolve, letting go of what you need to and invite in what you want.

The physical aspects of your yoga practice will release tension with soothing relaxing movement for beginners or advanced yoga students.

Use this short home yoga mindful class for relaxation. Start to clear away mental goop by listening to your full body to melt away tension and resolve to practice self love today.

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