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Yoga in Office
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Yoga In Office​ class Overview

The 10 minute office yoga practice is the result of a conversation I had with my son Joe last week.

Although he likes my YouTube Channel he has a difficult time carving out 30 minutes each day for a yoga class.

He is a programmer and spends his days sitting in front of a computer screen. He gets tight in his shoulders, neck, and low back. This desk yoga class will provide several yoga pose to help while sitting at your desk.

This 10 minute series of office yoga classes are for you Joe and all the many other people around the world who spend hours each day in front of a computer screen, driving or standing and serving others.

10 Minute Office Yoga Routine

The first thing I want you to do is to stand up. Sitting is the new cigarette.

Our bodies are meant to move. So, sitting all day can create many unwanted effects on our physical body. Just a few of these are carpal tunnel syndrome, poor posture and lower blood circulation.

We will create a simple yoga program you can do near or at your desk. You won’t even need a yoga mat for this class. Think of this as your workplace yoga or your corporate yoga area.

Now that you are standing pause for three deep breaths.

Use this time to notice how your body feels.

Where are you experiencing discomfort and what parts of your body feel good?

10 Minute Office Yoga Stretch

Let’s begin today’s class by lowering your chin to your chest. Take a few breaths here. Inhale, exhale.

Next roll your head to right side, ear to right shoulder. Take three breaths. Be sure to inhale and exhale deeply. Now stretch your head back to your chest.

Pause for a few breaths. Now stretch your head to the left side, ear to left shoulder. Hold for three If this first exploration feels good, move with your breath, chin to chest, then ear to shoulder alternating sides with each breath.

Come back to center, check your posture, chin to chest, and then lift your gaze to the ceiling. Take three slow breaths noticing the sensations you feel in your neck. Bring your head back to neutral.

Begin to roll your shoulders forward, up and back. Do this several times. Keep your shoulders rolled back, heart open, and then lift your arms to the sides about shoulder height.

Lower the arms and repeat three more times.

Next, lift your arms over your head. Hold still for three deep breaths.

Look up at your right hand. Lower your left arm to your left side body. Lift your right arm up and arch over to the left. Hold here for three deep breaths.

Come back up to neutral bringing your left arm overhead and looking forward. Now look up at your left hand and lower your right arm as you stretch over to the right. Take three deep breaths here.

Come back up to neutral, stretch both your left arm and right arm up into the air. Slowly lower your left arm and your right arm to your sides. Don’t forget to breath. Inhale, exhale. Take your palms to your lower back.

Keep your shoulders rolling down your back and your heart space open. With your hands supporting your low back look up and arch back as far as you comfortably can. The stretch should feel good, even to your shoulder blades.

Take three deep breath.

Bring awareness to your legs, straighten and bend your knees a few times. Come back to standing and holding on to your desk, chair or a wall, pick up your right knee.

Use one or both hands to pull your knee into your chest. Enjoy this stretch for your lower back. In time you will be able to do this without holding on for balance. This is also a great stretch for yoga practitioners who have tight hips. As a yoga teacher I find this is a wonderful simple stretch for me too.

Learning to balance is a skill like any other. Breath and posture will improve as well.

Release the right leg placing your right foot firmly on the floor. Now lift your left knee into the air in front of you. Grab the left knee with your left hand or both hands. Enjoy your stretch. Is your hip tight? Can you feel the release in your spine? Slowly let go if you feel any pain, otherwise hold for the same length of time as you did on the first side. Release your left leg placing your left foot firmly on the floor.

Notice if one side of your body has a better balance or flexibility than the other. In time you will be able to even this out.

Release your left foot to the floor. Bring your hands to your lower back as we did before and extend through the spine as you enjoy one more backward bend.

Repeat this 10 minute yoga in office practice as often as you like.

If you’re familiar with other yoga moves that you know help your body feel better and relieve pain, practice them as well. Some might include, pigeon pose, chair pose or seated twist. These yoga poses will help your neck, hip, spine, leg, just to mention a few parts of your body.

This simple yoga session can really help if you have a desk job. If you are really lucky, some companies offer corporate yoga classes that you can incorporate into your yoga sessions. Of course, yoga studio classes are fantastic too.

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