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Triangle Pose

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Triangle Pose
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Triangle Pose​ Overview

Triangle Pose

How to do triangle yoga pose Trikonasana

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. Today our quick little yoga class is a tutorial on how to do triangle yoga pose or trikonasana in sanskrit. The ancient language of yoga.

This yoga video will provide a step by step guide for beginners on how to do triangle yoga pose. It will also provide you with the benefits of trikonasana yoga pose, or utthita trikonasana. Which is an extended triangle yoga pose.

Triangle Yoga Pose Variations

There are variations on the pose such twisting, revolved or parivrtta triangle pose and more. We will save those asana variations to learn at another time as we have only a few minutes in this video. The asanas or poses offered here are to provide a foundation for future challenges.

You will need a block and a space of wall to really work on proper alignment in the posture.

Take each of the steps in the set up before we try the yoga pose on the mat and off the wall.

Triangle Pose for Beginners

These beginner easy simple sequence of steps will help you find a trick to do the pose successfully.

Yogic logic requires you to know your body. If you have an impingement in your spine or any other health challenge be sure to avoid aggravating it and avoid any pain.

Follow the tutorial lessons learning its greatest to enjoy yourself.

On the wall we notice how the back curves away at some points and connects at others. With your back against the wall swivel your hip back as you shift your shoulders forward.

Use a block to support your hand and upper body. Avoid bending forward in triangle pose. It is better to lift up in the posture.

To successfully do triangle pose away from the wall remember the how to do instructions we practiced on the wall.

Practice with your hand light on a block before you try the pose without any props. Your hand may rest on the floor if you are really flexible or it might rest lightly on your front leg. Your foundations are strong and the fitness challenges in yoga will come with a little fix and some time.

In time the yoga pose becomes easier. As you practice more you will become more flexible.

Remember that yoga is a journey, not a destination. Yoga means to join together. AS you move through your day take the lessons you gained on the mat into your day.

Where might you invite in more stability, flexibility, or learn a new skill?

Be sure to share your feedback with me. I am always learning and growing just like you.

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