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Yoga for Glutes

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Yoga for Glutes
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Yoga for Glutes​ Overview

Yoga for Glutes

Yoga workout exercises your booty, glutes butt | Yoga exercises your glutes, butt & best yoga booty

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. Today our yoga class will focus on your butt, booty, bum, glutes, glute muscles derier, and what ever fun name you give your backside.

First to understand the functioning of the butt musculature we break down the glutes. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body. It is the one that gives your booty it’s shape. It is the primary mover when your leg is behind you, pun intended.

Next, the gluteus medius is medium in size and located beneath the maximus. It’s primary job is to turn the leg out as in tree pose and to stabilize you when you walk.

Beneath the gluteus medius is the gluteus minimus as it is the smallest of this group of muscles and it too helps when you walk and with rotation in assisting the medius.

Yoga Glute Stretch

Let’s begin in tabletop and warm up the body with some yoga cat-cow flow. You may notice that the entire body works together to create movement and function. To articulate the glutes lift your right leg behind your and bend your right knee. As you kick your right foot into the air you will feel the right glute working.

Next, hold the right knee to the side of the body and lift the right knee up at an angle to feel the medius and minimus work.

Let’s do the same yoga workout for the butt on the other side.

We will stretch in child’s yoga pose before moving into downdog. From down dog stretch, move to the top of the mat and examine the power of the glute muscles with some chair pose yoga squats.

Yoga for Glutes and Hamstrings

After the yoga squats, we will try the biggest challenge, balancing yoga poses on one foot to work with the legs, thighs as we lift one of your legs at a time. Dancers really works the butt and uses the arms in the back bend to stabilize building flexibility into strength.

This yoga workout for the booty comes together as we finish with tree yoga pose will use all layers of the glutes along with abs. Working the ab muscles stabilizes the pose as we connect the ball of the foot to the inner thigh, calf, or ankle. Firm the buttocks of the supporting lower leg for more dynamic core stabilization. Turn out the hip of the lifted leg. Open hips help get better height and toning and sculpt your booty.

If you repeat this routine sequence you will notice how yoga can help burn bands with shaping and sculpting your butt so you can rock the bikini body better.

I hope you are inspired to move your exercise to tighten, slim, and find an intense lean short gym like workout for your bums. You will rock your pants and use this time in isolation to practice with no pain.

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Tone the body and use a wall for beginners or any equipment in your home to help you balance. Try to maintain balance for a min on each side.

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