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Triangle Yoga Pose

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  • Triangle Yoga Pose
  • Triangle Pose
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  • Trikonasana
Triangle Yoga Pose
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Class Quote:

“Choose calm over chaos and faith over fear”


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Triangle Yoga Pose​ Overview

Triangle Yoga Pose

Triangle Yoga Pose Variations | Triangle Yoga Pose Variations Trikonasana

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes on day 84. The inspiration for our yoga class today is triangle yoga pose and some variations on the posture.

To begin I recommend you grab a block or two and have a bit of wall space nearby.

Let’s begin on your back. Notice as you lay on your back where your body is connected to the yoga mat. Observe where your spinal curves lift your back away from the floor. These natural curves give your spine strength and flexibility.

Next move to tabletop to warm up the body. After a few round of cow-cat stretches we move into downward facing dog to stretch the legs and strengthen the arms.

From down dog move to forward fold at the top of the mat. From forward fold roll up to standing for samasthiti to set an intention for the practice.

Our peak pose, triangle yoga pose or trikonasana requires us to be calm and centered. Root down to lift up and to have faith in our body to do the variation that is just right.

Set your intention to stay calm and lifted up. Believe in yourself.

Triangle Yoga Pose Variations

There are some variations of triangle yoga pose, trikonasana that require the use of blocks or modifications.

If you have contraindications such as a spinal injury you might avoid twisted triangle. A contraindication might be a bulging disc or impingement in your back.

Each step in this class provides a tutorial for beginners and step by step foundations for each yogi.

Do your best and listen to your body. Its yogic logic and health tips. Go light so you should enjoy the triangle yoga pose class.

After setting the intention we will flow through three rounds of sun salutation A to warm up the body.

Next, we move to the wall to examine a trick that will help a beginner with alignment in triangle yoga pose, reverse triangle, and extended, utthita or uthita, trikonasana.

Remember the steps we did on the wall as we put these poses into our flow. Modify by keeping the front knee slightly bent as needed and move the hip back slightly.

Now we are ready to create a sun B and invite in our first two variations of triangle yoga pose.

After explaining each pose and holding for a few breaths we will flow in the sequence with the breath.

Benefits of Triangle Yoga Pose

Next, we invite in a twist. The sanskrit word for twisting is parivrtta. This is also the word for reverse. Parivritta in essence means change. As we change trikonasana asana we explore the benefits of revolved or changed asanas.

Take each how to challenge offered as an opportunity to learn, change, and grow. Be easy and gentle with the postures and notice the sensations in your hips, each knee and use precautions in the routine.

We finish the fitness class with a surrender series and wind down to relaxation pose. Enjoy pigeon, twists, child’s pose and finally surrender.

As you rest I share a quote to inspire your day. It comes from my sister’s work. They use it as a mantra in the medical setting she works in.

Quote: Choose calm over chaos and faith over fear.

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