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Boat Pose
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Boat Pose​ Overview

Boat Pose

Boat pose | How to do yoga boat pose?

Welcome to 10 minute transformations. This quick little tutorial video is on how to do boat yoga pose.

This video is great for a beginner, advanced or any level of yogi.


The sanskrit word for boat yoga pose is navasana or naukasana. Asana is the word for pose. Now matter how you spell it, boat yoga pose is a great pose for core strengthening and building confidence.

There are contraindications for every yoga posture. It is important that each yoga practitioner does the yoga practice in a way that feels right for the body mind and soul.

How to do Boat Pose?

In this video on how to do yoga boat pose I offer a step by step workout. As you master each step you will feel stronger. It is helpful to try every lesson to find the fitness level that works for you. Do it your way everyday.

Boat Pose Benefits

There are many benefits to doing yoga every day. Beginners with health issues should get approval from your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Older students will love the beginning poses like half boat or ardha navasana. Doing each step correctly assures your success.

Start in tabletop position to activate your core with cat-cow stretches. We play with bird dog and crazy cat to add a challenge to the yoga class.

We do about 30 rounds of combined core strength on the hands and knees. I give you lots of details on how to do this portion of the yoga class.

Next we switch to a seated position on the yoga mat to set up for boat yoga pose.

Boat Pose Yoga

Let’s breakdown boat yoga pose slowly.

Begin by sitting on the tips of your sits bones. Using the strength of your abs, lean back. Slowly begin to lift your feet off the mat. Build more power into the pose by using your hip flexors to lift your legs higher. Its important to take the steps as you do boat yoga pose.

Use precautions and know that once you know how to do one level you will enjoy trying the more challenging ones. If you practice more days you will be able to do full boat.

Just like in life. Each experience builds on the next.

We finish the class stretching the abdomen in some back bending yoga poses. Learning how to do a pose correctly is important to your personal growth.

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