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Yoga For Peace Of Mind

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Yoga For Peace of Mind
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Class Quote:

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” 

~Wayne Dyer

Suggested music:

  • Cold Play, Oceans
  • Wah! Hc 21 Lokaha
  • Sarah McLachlan, Prayer of St. Francis
  • Rob Thomas, Little Wonders

Yoga For Peace Of Mind​ Overview

Welcome to day 66 of the 365 inspired yoga classes. Today we will use this 30 minute yoga class to cultivate peace of mind.

Take a moment to think of what brings you peace of mind. It might be music a special person or a tv show. What do you find relaxing?

Bring that feeling with you as you set your intention is a seated yoga post. The posture is call easy seat or easy pose.

Yoga for Peace of Mind Class Begins

Together we will take three deep relaxing yoga peace breaths. Notice how exhaling deeply relieves anxiety. By simply focusing on your breath you relax your mind and find a sense of relief and feel peace.

Set your intention to find peace of mind in your yoga practice today.

Yoga has been used for a long time to relieve inner stress. I hope you find each exercise movement in this yoga for peace of mind calming.

Move into table top position to flow through cat and cow yoga poses. Feel the connection of your body as you move through 10 rounds of relaxing movement.

Keep your knees and feet as they are and send your hips back to child’s yoga pose. Take a few deep breaths to experience the peace of mind in this posture.

Child’s pose is one of the best basic zen yoga resting poses for beginners.

Slide forward from child’s pose to a high cobra yoga pose. Stretch and arch your back as much as feels comfortable.

Next move through 5-10 rounds of this yoga flow. Feel the movement like a slow dance to sweet music.

Bring a peaceful feeling into your yoga practice as we practice compassion for yourself.

Build confidence and strength as we move into downward facing dog yoga pose.

Maintain core control as we move from downward facing dog to high plank. These basics poses build clear concentration and self control.

Yoga for peace of mind flow

Repeat this strong yoga flow 15 times.

Next step to the top of your yoga mat and hang out in a easy forward fold yoga pose.

Roll up to standing for a slow peace yoga flow. Include a yoga backward bend to further open your heart.

After three rounds of sun salutation A we will try two balance poses. Trying to balance might upset our feeling of peace.

Breathe deeply and the yoga for peace of mind will return. Anxiety while balancing on one foot is natural. Find healing with three deep breaths.

Repeat your affirmations to find peace of mind in your yoga class today. Focus at one single spot in your home.

Find happiness and a release of depression in the yoga balance pose you are able to do this day.

Let’s wind down with a few floor back bends and some exclusive reclining yin yoga series for peace of mind stretches.

Come into a relaxing yoga pose inviting in your inner guidance. Melt away tension.

This relaxed yoga meditation is helpful in finding peace of mind.

With your eyes open look around your home and notice five things you can name.

Now close your eyes and think of four things you can feel.

What three things do you hear?

Can you smell two different scents? If not, think of two specific smells.

Lastly what is one taste in your mouth right now?

This brief yoga for peace of mind works because it helps to anchor you in the present.

It explains when feel anxiety when we worry about the past or have concerns for the future.

I hope this yoga for peace of mind has helped you with 30 minutes of mental relaxation as well as relief from hypertension lack and anxiety.

It might help you sleep in your bed like yoga peace medicine.I know it works in a min for me like a spa or song with powerful mantras to be stress free.

Appreciate your peace of mind in part by clapping and study its effects on your body mind and spirit.

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