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Yoga Intentions

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  • 10 Minute Office Yoga Flow
  • 10 Minute Chair Yoga at the Office
  • 10 Minute Yoga Stretch
  • 10 Minute Yoga Transformation
  • Overall Body Stretch at the Office
Yoga Intentions
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Class Quote:

Breathing in, I know I am breathing in. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out. Breathing in there is only this present moment. Breathing out, it is a wonderful moment.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Suggested music:

  • Alexi Murdoch, Breathe
  • Pink Floyd, Breathe (In The Air)
  • Telepopmusik, Breathe
  • Sia, Breathe
  • Ingrid Michaelson, Keep Breathing
  • Anna Nalick, Breathe (2 AM)

Yoga Intentions Class​ Overview

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes. Today is day 2. Our yoga practice is inspired by the power of Intention.


Most yoga classes begin with setting an intention. The yoga intention may be set in child’s pose, or more often in Samastiti, standing at attention with hands at heart center and eyes closed.

Why is intention setting such an important part of the yoga practice? What exactly is practicing yoga with an intention?

Intention is focused energy. It can be a blessing, a thought, a prayer or an act of consciousness that is designed to create a result or action.

Intention is an orientation coupled with activation. This means that intention is not so much asking and receiving, it is more of a honing device used to guide us in the right direction.

Tuning into and setting intentions helps us to stay on course in our yoga practice.

When we take 25 or 30 seconds to set an intention on our yoga mat, we may take that with us into our day and notice how it influences us.

For example, practicing with peace will translate to behaving in a peaceful manner throughout our day.

What a beautiful way to live each day. Feel the revolution of achieving in your yoga practice today.

This 30 min yoga class can be done in the morning or get into it at any time throughout the day. Use this as a full body yoga moving meditation.

We begin in child’s pose to begin to think about setting an intention we might practice with in our yoga practice.

In your home yoga practice find movement in a way that works best for your body.

We move from child’s pose to table top yoga pose and then come into downward facing dog yoga posture. If downward facing dog is too much of challenge be mindful and come back to table top yoga pose.

Move from down dog yoga pose to forward fold to stretch and awaken the back of your legs and your back. Have an intention to honor your body and be gentle as you do this practice.

Next roll up to samasititi to formally set an intention and ignite your yoga practice. Practice with this goal or intention setting as we move into flowing yoga.


The next segment of our practice is a 3 min flow. We flow through yoga sun salutations to be energized, find deep stretches and detoxifying elements everyday.

Take a min to bring your intention with you setting to reset a focus on gratitude for what you can do. Stay focused on your personal goals.

Chat with others or do some reading about your intention each day. Make a routine to write your intention on a card. Start each day and watch the magic in your life. Take 3min starting out strong.

2020 is a challenging year. The yoga journey makes it better with powerful intention.

Set your mind now to bring your yoga intention that you set guide you as you bring it with you into each minute of your new day today.

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