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Yoga for Balance

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  • Yoga for Balance
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Yoga for Balance
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Class Quote:

“Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot. I am learning to live between effort and surrender.”

~ Danielle Oliver

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  • Sade, Smooth Operator
  • Sting, Shape of My Heart
  • Sade, Flow
  • Babel Gilberto, So Nice

Yoga for Balance ​Overview

Day 72 Yoga for Balance | Yoga Class to Help You Find Balance on Your Yoga Mat & in Life

This yoga video class will challenge beginners. The full spectrum of yoga balancing poses will leave you glowing. You may be balanced between bliss, calming, clearing, centering, stability standing session, and cardio burning yoga fun for fitness.

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes. Today is day 72 and our inspiration for yoga class to help you find balance on your yoga mat and in your life.

This yoga workout is about 30 minutes long. I hope you find balance in each minute with each breath you take.

Balance the length of your inhale with the length of each exhale and feel the free flow in and all around you. Pranayama or breath control helps us achieve meditation in motion.

Yoga Balance Sequence

We begin today in tabletop yoga pose and move through a few rounds of cat and cow yoga flow sequence. Feel the balance between the front of your body and the back. Notice where you feel the strength and stretch in each yoga pose.

In each yoga posture and every part of your life, you can seek to find a balance between effort and ease.

Vinyasa is a breath-synchronized movement. As we move into downward facing dog yoga pose feel the energy of balance in this posture. Downward facing dog yoga postures balance strengthening and stretching. Put more effort into your thumb and first finger to protect your wrist.

Next, we move into child’s yoga pose to examine surrender. Extend your arms forward to feel the effort. Push your booty back toward your heels. Spread your hands wide and feel complete contentment as you rest. Return to this yoga posture every day and when you need to rest.

From child’s pose we move back into down dog and walk to the front of the yoga mat for forward fold ragdoll yoga posture. The legs are working, the upper body is relaxing.

Roll up to a standing posture and practice moving from foot to foot. For yoga balances fix your gaze on a single spot. Engage your core and lift one foot at a time.

Yoga for Balance and Strength

Bring balance and strength into the yoga class by stepping the lifted foot to the back of your yoga mat. Drop to the knee in back and stretch for 10, 13, 14, 15 or 20 seconds. The counter stretch for a beginner will require you pull in your abdominal wall. Use your arm strength to maintain stability as we challenge flexibility in this yoga series.

Transformation happens in your mind and in your middle as we practice boat yoga pose and abdominal yoga twists.

Balance core work with back strength. Flexibility and strength create transformation with less stress.

Yoga Balance Poses

Several balance postures offer clever ways these videos improve wellbeing. Learn to focus and centre your gaze 90 inches in front of you. If you are in a small space you might look 21, 39 or 70 inches out.

Do yoga more days than you don’t to transform your ability to find balance.
Our yoga practice on day 72 finishes with pure relief yoga poses. Explore de-stressing and gratefulness as you let go.

This is why I offer gentle guided stretches at the end of a yoga class.

I hope you found a mental break from what ever might be taking your life off balance today.

Take the essence of balance with you as you move through your day.

I offer many different yoga videos. Some are quick, friendly, fast, virtual yoga classes each day. Take a weekly challenge and extend it to include more days. Look forward to episode 73, 74 and 75 that may give you good yoga insights and yoga inspirations each day.

Balance your chakras. Feel the crown of your head and how you get hatha yoga.

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