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Bridge Pose in Yoga

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  • Bridge Pose in Yoga
  • Bridge Pose
  • Benefits of Bridge Pose
  • Bridge Pose Variations
  • Bridge Pose Flow
Bridge Pose in Yoga
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Class Quote:

“May we break down boundaries, tear down walls, and build on the foundation of goodness inside each of us.

May we look past differences, gain understanding, and embrace acceptance.

May we reach out to each other, rather than resist.

May we be better stewards of the earth, protecting, nurturing, and replenishing the beauties of nature.

May we practice gratitude for all we have, rather than complain about our needs.

May we seek cures for the sick, help for the hungry and love for the lonely.

May we share our talents, give our time, and teach our children.

May we hold hope for the future very tenderly in our hearts and do all we can to build for bright tomorrows.

And may we love with our whole hearts, for that’s the only way to love.” 

~From a Christmas Card

Suggested music:

  • Trevor Hall, Come Together

  • DJ Drez, Marini Nikko,

  • Come Together Slow

  • Chet Faker, No Diggity

  • Coldplay, Magic

Bridge Pose in Yoga Overview

Bridge Pose in Yoga Day 83

Yoga class flow with bridge yoga pose | How to do bridge yoga pose flow class

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes on day 83. This yoga flow class is about how to do a bridge yoga pose and how to build bridges rather than walls in life and relationships.

Our world seems to be disconnected and divided. The purpose of yoga is to bring people together and to feel united within. The word yoga means to yoke or join together.

Let’s join together and find a friendly flow that will prepare the body to do bridge posture and other poses that come from the bridge pose. Such as shoulder stand, headstand, wheel, and plow pose.

This half-hour vinyasa flow yoga class is designed for beginner, advanced or all levels of yoga students.

Bridge Pose in Yoga Flow

We begin with a hatha flow sequence to warm up the spine in a seated postion. Feel the spinal movement in this position before we move into a power flow when we stand.

When we take the steps to warm up the body a more advanced backbend is more easily accomplished.

Be mindful during each minute in the warm-up path to connect to the elemental feeling in your body as we stretch, fold, twist, and live each sensation.

Finding flexibility and fluid movement in the workout prepares us for the full peak posture.

Bridge Pose in yoga Benefits

The collection of yoga flow poses and forward folding and backbending postures combined with balance creates a complete yoga flow class.

After the vinyasa flow we move onto the back for flowing bridge pose and bridge yoga pose with a bind.

Each minute of the half-hour yoga class has brought us to this place where we can find the whole expression of bridge pose, do it with the breath in waves and introduce additional postures that can be done from this position.

Bridge Pose Variations

After bridge pose is mastered I demonstrate in this video wheel yoga pose, shoulder stand yoga pose, and plow yoga posture. I will offer a future yoga class focused on more backbends and on each of these poses.

This yoga class can be very challenging for some so I recommend that we finish with restorative yoga postures to help calm and quiet your nervous system and physical body.

Supine pigeon, reclining twists, and gentle releases help balance out the practice.

Resting in savasana, or corpse pose is the perfect finish to a wonderful heart-opening yoga class.

Bridge Pose in Yoga Recap

Free Yoga Club with Janet Parks offers many videos in this online collection. Try day one, five, 10, 19, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, and 60 for more inspiration. 

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