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Yoga Reflexology

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Yoga Reflexology
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Yoga Reflexology Overview

Yoga Reflexology

This yoga class invites you into the wonderful world of hand and foot reflexology.

In the beginning of the class I explain a bit of reflexology which is how parts of the hands and feet relate to the body. In reflexology for example, how the tips of your fingers relate to the head and brain area.

According to reflexology, the center of your palms and feet relate to the center of your body, stomach intestines and vital organs.

We use our hands to reach for what we want. We use our feet to keep moving forward in life.

Blissfully calm yoga and reflexology

Take a moment to bring awareness to your hands. Close your eyes and notice any sensations you might feel in the palms of your hands. Do they heat up or tingle?

By simply bringing awareness to any part of your body, you move energy there. Your hands are considered to be an extension of your heart chakra, Anahata.

This always seems to make sense how when you are hurting you place your hands on the part of your body that hurts and massage or provide acupressure to the pain. If you have a stomach ache, your hands will naturally gravitate to massage your belly.

If you have a headache, notice how you will tend to place your hands on your head to massage the pain from headaches naturally.

When you experience discomfort in your back, your hands will provide a gentle massage there.

Have you ever found yourself massaging sore muscles? It’s instinctual and natural to want to heal yourself.

We also use this reflexology energy to help others. If someone you love is hurting, you might reach out to give them a hug to relieve their pain.

Your feet are the underappreciated servants of your life. Take time in a seated position and give yourself an acupressure foot massage.

It almost always feels better when someone else does this for you. Appreciate how your feet are taking you on the journey of your life thus far.

yoga instructor reflexology

In yoga class we learn that our body is the temple for our soul.

I hope this yoga and reflexology class helps you appreciate your hands and feet a little more.

The next time you reach for what you want, or step toward a new adventure, how can you find gratitude for your hands and feet?

This yoga reflexology massage and acupressure pain covers the basics of pressure points so that you can perform the treatment techniques on your self.

What hurts on your body? Try reflexology for asthma, sciatica, allergies, congestion, migraines, nausea, pregnancy, stress, tension, sinus, immune loss, thyroid issues, vomiting, mind, pain in your legs, calves, neck, shoulder, lower weight or what ever ails you.

This basic home instruction routine practice might actually help cure you and provide benefits from healing to boosting relief.

Hand and feet-reflexology acupuncture technique tutorial might work and experts agree heals and is compatible with modern science for providing pleasure and massages.

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