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Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor

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Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor
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Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor​ Overview

Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor 

Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor | Healthy Yoga Day 21 Pelvic Floor Exercises

Welcome to day 21 of the healthy yoga series. In this quick 10 minute beginners yoga class today we will focus on pelvic floor exercises.

Ask your doctor before you begin any workout. If you are working with prolapse, bladder control, diastasis, pms, pregnancy, prenatal, postnatal, or postpartum symptoms, hemorrhoids, backaches, stenosis, physical pain of any kind be easy with yourself.

The pelvic floor is not something we are usually comfortable discussing. I think this is an important discussion because many people find themselves incontinent.

Advertising seems to offer lots of products directed at us to address this issue, yet why do we shy away from acknowledging that it might be a problem for us?

Throughout my many years of teaching group yoga classes I have been told by both men and women that a byproduct of a regular yoga practice helps to alleviate incontinence. In addition, reduce sexual discomfort as a part of pelvic floor understanding.

I hope this class brings a level of comfort into your sex life and it helps you better understand your pelvic floor.

It can be helpful for men as well as women.

Gentle yoga movement of the pelvis bring added awareness of this private area of the body.

Pelvic Floor Yoga Poses

I encourage you to relax, explore and learn a little about this special area of your body. Feel how the muscles in the upper legs, abdomen and pelvic floor work together to create support and release.

Give into the sensations of pleasure that might occur for you. Have a willingness to relax the pelvis open, cross your legs or tilt the body to notice subtleties in this area.

We being on the back with gentle pelvic rocking. Incorporate kegels in a low bridge pose. Flow gently with kegel tightening exercise as you tuck your pelvis under and relieve the hold as you tilt your hip back.

Yoga Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Feel the strengthening and stretches in this routine. This hold is called mula Bandha. The combination of strength and relaxation gets you in touch with your self.

Next we experiment with various yoga poses while reclining on the floor. While doing the various positions cure stiff spinal muscles, aches, anxiety and opening safe and suppleness of the psoas, lumbar area.

This home yoga class may help boosting, happy, creating, amazing integration, weak libido and tight love naturally. Regain strong muscle realignment, stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor.

The yoga exercises for pelvic floor class finishes in a posture known as malasana, garland or frog pose. This posture stretches the hip and groin region.

People around the world eliminate bodily waste in this natural squatting position. Have you heard of the squatty potty?

Women around the world have been giving birth in this position. It might be best to find a private time and place to enjoy this pelvic floor focused yoga class.

I hope this 10 min video about yoga exercises for your pelvic floor helps you if you are incontinent or if you are experiencing discomfort during sex.

Life can be pleasurable. I hope yoga brings you good health, happiness, and playful pleasure into your life today and always.

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