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Yoga for Vertigo

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Yoga for Vertigo
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Yoga for Vertigo​ Overview

Yoga for Vertigo

Healthy home yoga class with simple yoga exercises is effective to help cure dizziness and vertigo for you.

There are many reasons we might experience Vertigo. If your balance if off take time to slow your breathing.

Some causes are injury, disorders, disease, dietary changes, or from nerves in the inner ear. One of most common causes is peripheral vertigo or positional vertigo.

When positional or peripheral vertigo occurs, the little crystals in the inner can move around and cause dizziness.

Doctor Carol Foster at the university of Colorado developed the reverse somersault yoga maneuver for the treatment therapy of dizziness caused by positional vertigo.

The yoga maneuver takes only 11 minutes and incorporates three yoga postures when done in a specific order with variations on them help bring the little crystals in the inner ear back into their appropriate position and combat caused by vertigo.

Yoga and Vertigo

How to begin is to come to hero yoga pose, sitting on your heals for two or more seconds. Nest, tilt the head back and wait for dizziness to pass.

Once the dizzy feeling passes, usually in 20 to 30 seconds tilt forward into rabbit yoga pose with the crown of the head fit on the floor.

Again, wait for the dizziness to pass, then gently turn the head to the side, be mindful of your neck, that seems to be causing the issue. If you are uncertain which side, try one and see if it helps, if not do the sequence again turning the head to the other side.

Turning the head will likely cause the dizzy feeling to return. Wait for the dizziness to pass.

Next, using the palms on the floor or yoga mat, lift to table top yoga position with the head still turned to the same side.

Wait for the dizziness to pass before sitting back up in hero pose. Wait for the spinning sensation to pass, about 30 seconds to one minute.

If dizziness is still there repeat the yoga poses in sequence for dizziness caused by vertigo. It is important to move slowly with mindful awareness.

I personally have struggled with positional vertigo and this manuever process helped me get rid of my dizziness caused by vertigo and changed my life!

I hope if you are suffering with vertigo this helps you too. As with any medical condition, it is always wise to consult with your physician ask about any health challenges before doing or trying this movement exercise.

Share your yoga ways and insights and you may find most modern doctors agree that yoga is good for your health.

Research suggests and shows that yoga technique for dizziness caused by vertigo treating work and can provide physical relief, rehabilitation to most people.

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