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Yoga For Relaxation
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Class Quote:

“We have a choice. We can spend our whole life suffering because we can’t relax with how things really are, or we can relax and embrace the open-endedness of the human situation, which is fresh, unfixated, unbiased.”

~Pedma Chodron

Suggested music:

  • Wah! Hc 21 LokahaDeep
  • Sleep Meditation, Monks Chanting Om
  • Girish, Donna De Lory, Diamonds in the Sun
  • Michael Buble’, Feeling Good

Yoga For Relaxation Class​ Overview

Yoga For Relaxation

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes. Today is day 61 and our class is a 30 minute yoga class for relaxation and stress relief.

Yoga can be strong, or it can be relaxing. Relaxing yoga brings an important balance to the power yoga we have been doing a lot of in the 365 Inspired Yoga Class series.

Take a moment to gather some yoga blankets, yoga blocks, and a yoga strap. Place one yoga blanket across your mat for softness, comfort, and stress relief.

Begin by laying down on your blanketed mat. Take a few deep breaths and notice how you feel. Are you feeling anxiety or carrying stress in your shoulders, lower back, stomach, or chest?

Yoga For Relaxation Sequence

Observe without judgment. Simply take in the sensations you are feeling in your body.

Let’s practice three-part calming yoga breathing to relax deeper into the body and into the present moment.

After three rounds of three-part breathing take a full body restorative yoga stretch.

Extend your arms over your head. Point your toes toward the end of your mat. Feel your breath flow.

Make your body the shape of a big letter X. See if you can stretch through the right hand diagonally down through the left pointed foot. Take a few breaths here.

Now extend through your left hand all the way diagonally through the right foot.

Next bring both of your feet on to the mat beneath your seat. Begin to slowly rock your pelvis.

Notice how when you tilt your pelvis under your back touches the mat and when you tilt your pelvis back, your back arches and lifts your low back off the yoga mat.

Enjoy gentle beginners yoga pelvic tilting for a few breaths. Now draw your knees into your chest and rock gently side to side to massage your lower back.

Next place your feet on the outer edges of your mat and bring your knees together to touch. Rest in this position for three to five breaths. Toe heel your feet to the center of the mat, keep your knees in the air.

Once your feet touch, allow your knees to open wide like butterfly wings. Relax in this yoga stretch if it feels good.

Bring your knees back up and rock your legs side to side. Notice the stress relief in this yoga series. The best few minutes of your day.

Yoga is like medicine for stress relief. Take a dose to calm your body, clear your mind and relieve and blue feeling you might have.

Yoga For Relaxation for Beginners

30 min is ideal but you can do this any length of time. 15, 20 or even 45 minutes. Evening is best to help you chill at night and fall asleep.

Repeat these slow yin like or peaceful yoga stress release poses. You can relax with them at bedtime in your bed or unwind on the floor before you start your day.

Our practice will continue with various relaxing stretches and finish with a five-finger meditation on the breath. Notice how you feel when the practice is finished and take with you any parts of the meditation, breath work or physical practice that help you relax. It is just as important to rest as it is to be active. It’s a matter of finding a good balance in this area of your life. I hope you feel the gift of relaxation and take it with you as you move throughout the rest of your day.

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