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Yoga for Migraine

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  • Yoga for Migraine
  • Yoga and Migraine
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Yoga for Migraine
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Yoga for Migraine​ Overview

Yoga for Migraine

Yoga for migraine is an 18-minute yoga class for anyone who suffers from migraine headaches.

If you are experiencing a migraine headache I am so sorry. I too have suffered from migraine headaches and I found them to be totally debilitating.

Migraine headaches can be caused by many things such as an allergic reaction to foods, epilepsy, injury, or dehydration problems.

The most common cause of migraines is dehydration.

For this yoga for migraine headache practice, I suggest you gather a glass of water as well as yoga blankets, pillows, and something to cover your eyes like a yoga eye pillow or small towel.

The 15 minutes of yoga exercise program of movements will be slow and the music soft.

Turn the lights and volume down to a comfortable level. Ask others in your home to give you some time alone to heal and relax. Quiet your mind, release anxiety, and stress. These yoga exercises are for beginners so begin by letting go.

Yoga for Migraine Headaches

Take a beginner seated series of asanas or yoga poses. Healing through organic meditation and pranayama or breathing techniques helps migraine headaches caused by hangovers, overcome challenges, and remedies muscle knots.

I also like to incorporate lavender oil as it is helpful in encouraging relaxation. Take the lavender and place it anywhere on your body that might feel good. I put it on my temples and use it to gently massage my head.

Cup your hands over your nose and slowly inhale the scent of lavender. Enjoy the gentle supported yoga stretches for your neck and shoulders offered in this class to discover where you might be holding tension in your body.

Feel how yin yoga reflexology and acupressure poses held for 10 to 21 long slow stretching breaths will help to relieve shoulder and upper back tightness. The instant tips explain why yoga works.

Yoga and Migraine

Continue to sip as much water as you can to hydrate your body.

Check-in with your yoga breathing. When we experience pain in the body, we tend to hold the breath or we breathe very shallowly and quickly.

Slowing the breath relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, the fight, or flight response.

As you do slow yoga breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest response.

I hope this easy yoga for migraine headaches class helps you find relief, a cure, or just feel better. Give yourself some rest and keep drinking lots of water.

Do the class in the morning as many days as you need to take good care of the soul and yourself.

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