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Yoga for Knee Pain

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Yoga for Knee Pain
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Yoga for Knee Pain​ Overview

Yoga for Knee Pain

Healthy Yoga Day 14 Yoga for Your Knee Pain is a yoga class for you to help understand and heal knee pain.

Today’s yoga practice will focus on yoga exercises for the knees. I hope the yoga exercises help alleviate or even eliminate any pain or injury to your knee area.

In order to facilitate healing I begin the yoga practice by explaining how the knees are designed to work.

The knee is basically a hinge joint. This means that the knee can flex or bend and straighten or extend.

When the knee is in complete flexion or complete extension it is considered to be in a safe position. This safe position means that the knee joint is less likely to be strained or injured in either full extension or complete flexion.

When the knee in partial flexion, as in a 90-degree angle it is more susceptible to injury.

Some activities such as Zumba, tennis, or golf might put the knee joint in a more precarious position because lateral or sideways movement in partial flexion is particularly dangerous.

In order to protect the knees, we strengthen the muscles of the legs.

More specifically, the inner thigh muscles known as the adductor muscles. Also, the lower leg muscle in the front attached to the tibia is the tibialis anterior or outer part of the leg.

In addition, the IT band helps to stabilize the knee joint. Exercise movements such as squats or chair pose in yoga strengthen the leg muscles that stabilize the knee joint.

Understanding how your body is designed to function helps us to find appreciation for our amazing anatomy.

There are many reasons knees might feel pain such as chronic arthritis, injury in the knee joints, tight stiff muscles, a lack of strength, or low energy.

Always consult or ask your doctor before beginning any yoga session.

Yoga for Knees

This yoga flow stretch, tone, kick, and strengthen class is less than 10 minutes. You might repeat parts or all of it to make the session 15, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 28, or 30 min.

The morning is a great time to change and do the stretches to soothe deep aching muscles and feel flexibility relief. Beginners sometimes feel anxiety when trying something new.

If you feel tired it might be best to do the yoga poses in the evening at bedtime to help you release stress. Or take a home or office break modifying with props to recover with the restorative yoga poses.

I hope this yoga video and the various yoga exercises or yoga postures created to cure and help to ease and alleviate any of those knee joint pain you may have.

Feel good beginner. Start to embrace total gratitude for your amazing body and your good health.

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