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Yoga for Arthritis

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Yoga for Arthritis
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Yoga for Arthritis Overview

Yoga for Arthritis

Healthy yoga day 9 will focus on yoga for arthritis and how yoga exercises can help alleviate pain caused by arthritis.

When we think of arthritis we might think of older people.

Actually arthritis pain affects people of all ages. It can develop as a result of an injury or genetics as in rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis affects people of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds. It is estimated that one in five people suffer with arthritis pain.

Is Yoga Good for Arthritis

Regardless of the cause of arthritis, most medical professionals agree that gentle exercises and movement, such as gentle yoga is helpful at alleviating the discomfort of arthritis.

I recommend using yoga props such as yoga blankets, pillows, a yoga strap or belt during the gentle yoga practice for arthritis.

I usually begin the yoga practice for arthritis lying down in order to do a body scan to feel however we feel in our body.

Be sure to get permission from your doctor before beginning any physical exercise.

As you move through the various yoga exercises and postures, sometimes called poses or asanas, offered in the yoga for arthritis practice stay connected to the sensations you feel in your body.

The class is for beginners but advanced yoga students will enjoy it too. Do your best. Adults will really enjoy the stretches as treatment for joint pain.

Yoga with Arthritis

The introduction practical yoga for arthritis pain restorative sequence is one you can modify the moves by managing each minute. Modifying the simple session of yoga to relax and relieve any arthritis pain you may the cure to manage your life and live better.

Asana is natural medicine. Alignment matters but what is most important is to do what feels good. Yoga exercises for artritis pain can affect your heal, foot, wrists, hands, fingers, finger tips, aching backpain, leg, joints, knees, lumbar spinal center or shoulder. Really any part of your body.

If a yoga posture causes any discomfort move out of it. Do only what feels good to you.

Throughout the yoga practice workout bring your awareness to your breath. When we are experiencing pain in the body we tend to hold the breath or breathe shallowly.

Continue to let the breath flow slowly deeply and evenly. In addition to a gentle yoga practice I recommend being aware of the food you eat. “Itis” means inflammation.

Those foods that can cause inflammation in the body are sugar, dairy and wheat. Ask your medical expert professional to determine if the diet you are eating could be causing inflammation.

There are several medical studies about yoga and it’s many health benefits. Johns Hopkins University and other yoga teachers including Adriene, Jain, Guru Govitrikar and Tiwari agree.

I hope this quickie gentle yoga practice helps to alleviate and discomfort in your body caused by arthritis pain. I wish you relief and good health.

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