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Yoga for Anxiety

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  • Yoga for Anxiety
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Yoga for Anxiety
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Yoga for Anxiety​ Overview

Yoga for Anxiety

Today our healthy home yoga class will focus on how yoga can calm your stress and help to relieve your anxiety.

Yoga helps alleviate anxiety. Anxiety is a part of life.

When we think of speaking in public, for most of us we feel anxiety.

It is estimated that 18% of the population suffers from an anxiety disorder. So much so that it inhibits their productivity.

For some people, this anxious feeling is persistent.

Someone with an anxiety disorder might feel anxiety about life, the future, or worry about something that happened in the past.

When you live in a state of constant anxiety it can rob you of the experience of joy in your life.

Yoga for Anxiety Sequence

This simple 20 minute beginners yoga class for anxiety focuses on grounding and slow movements in the body. When we slow the body, we are able to slow down the mind.

Enjoy this slow flow yoga stretch to melt tension and bring about blissful calming stress relief. This easy full body yoga lesson might release deep tension.

Relaxation in yin like yoga poses helps you overcome anxiety, stress and worry. It can be effective in helping with sleep, improve health and happiness.

Be gentle in the yoga practice no need to move fast. Understanding what is best for you at any time to relax your nerves.

We also focus on feeling relief in the body, relaxing in order to give the mind a place to rest.

Breathing techniques such as slowing down the breath and especially slowing down the exhale helps relax the body, calm the mind and gives a feeling of safety.

A meditation that helps release anxiety is to focus on the senses of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste.

To do this meditation, with your eyes open identify five things you see in the room you are in.

Next, close your eyes and notice four things you can feel such as your clothing or the props you are using.

Now observe three things you can hear, two things you smell.

Lastly, observe one flavor you can taste in your mouth such as toothpaste or coffee.

Anchoring yourself in the present moment with yoga movements, focused breathing or meditation helps you let go of anxiety, stress.

I hope you find a sense of peace and stillness and you carry that with you as you move throughout your day.

As with anything, the more you practice these techniques the more benefit you will receive from them.

My name is Janet Parks. I have taught yoga for anxiety, stress, ptsd, panic attacks and depression for almost 15 years.

Always ask your doctor before you begin any yoga exercise program. Treat yourself to yoga to melt away anxiety.

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