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Yoga For A Broken Heart

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Yoga For A Broken Heart
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Yoga For A Broken Heart Overview

Yoga For A Broken Heart

Healthy Yoga Day 18 Yoga For A Broken Heart | Heal Your Heart With Yoga

Today our 20 minute gentle yoga class will explain how practicing yoga might help you heal if your heart is broken.

In life we all will experience loss.

If your heart is hurting this yoga class may help you.

If an relationship has ended or someone you love has passed, your heart my feel like it is physically breaking.

Some of the greatest losses are the loss of a four legged children. If you lost a cat or dog or any other pet, with this loss you can feel as devastating you might losing a human member of your family as our pets become a part of our daily life.

When we experience loss our shoulders tend to round forward to protect our broken heart. We might feel our back slouching and our chin might be resting on your chest.

Take time to heal. Let go of expectations that you should feel any differently than you do right now.

Know that in no time you will begin to feel better.

As you move through this yoga class designed to gently heal a broken heart, stay connected to the sensations you feel in your body.

Resist the temptation to push yourself. Now is not the time to be hard on yourself.

Be gentle with your body, heart and soul. Practice self care and add in any other things you can do to feel better.

I recommend walking in nature, talking to a close friend or family member and give into any need to rest more.

Yoga Poses For A Broken Heart

Little by little the gentle yoga back bends offered in the class will start to feel good. You will recover and love again.

Your experience will be valuable as you will be more understanding of your very personal process of healing.

You may find yourself helping others in the future. We all experience loss as a part of being human. If you are hurting today, I sincerely hope this loving class helps you heal.

Yoga To Heal A Broken Heart

Be well, be kind and be compassionate with your loving heart.

We begin the physical practice of yoga on this day in a seated position. Pause to experience your breath.

Next we move the neck slowly from side to side. Bring a beginners mind to our practice. Like a beginner notice any mental chatter. Let it go.

Breathe deeply and accept the challenge of processing what you feel rather than focusing on what your thoughts are doing. These are the beginnings of a new way of being.

We carry life in our body. Holding on to lonely feelings can cause chronic depression, disease, fatigue and inflammation.

As you move your body with yoga today invite in forgiveness, freedom and a willingness to open your heart as you move your back, chest, spine, shoulder, feet, throat, head and hip.

Opening in this way tell yourself, I bend so I don’t break. Be willing to change. Build health, flexibility, stamina and power.

Move from your center feeling any doubt, amazing relief, stretches, and intense twists. Be willing to deal with what comes up in your yoga with love.

The yoga poses will open you to flow though a super stressful episode and provide foundations to deal with disaster and loss after heart break.

Experience each yoga pose with care as you stretch, twist and tune in.

I hope you find the yoga tips in this class help to fix your heart by strengthening, relaxing.

If you have triggers use the class again in full or part to help your heart. Almost any interval 02, 03, 15, 21, or 23 min might help.

Thank your self for caring for you and joining me for yoga today.

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