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Yin Yang Yoga Sequence

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  • Yin Yang Yoga Sequence
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Yin Yang Yoga Sequence
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Class Quote:

“Yin yang. The ancient symbol of harmony reminds us that life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to embrace its dualities; the ups and downs, good times and bad, joys and challenges.”


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Yin Yang Yoga Sequence Overview

Yin Yang Yoga Sequence

Welcome to 365 inspired yoga classes day . This 30 min yoga class offers an introduction to a fusion of yin and yang sequence of yoga poses.

The yoga practice routine is designed for beginners and intermediate seeking the benefits of both yin and yang yoga including, flexibility stretches, anxiety relief, emotional grounding, creating length in legs, hip opening, tight glutes and relaxing hamstrings and butt muscles.

Understanding Yin vs Yang

To understand the difference between yin and yang yoga I define what yin and yang mean and how they may be represented in the world.

Yin relates to the feminine aspects of calm, cool, slow, deep, dark, relaxing and letting go.

Yang relates to the masculine aspects of action, heat, movement, energy, light, and beyond strength.

Yin Yang Yoga Flow

This class will cover the full aspects of each. We begin with the yang to warm up the body with a vinyasa flow.

A yoga class with flow will get your heart rate up with creative core stabilization and yoga to strengthen your balance.

After 15 minutes of yang yoga, we drop into yin holds.

The principles of yin are to surrender to each pose. Feel qualities of releasing into the ground.

Yin Yang Yoga Sequence

Each pose is held for at least a minute. The deep stretch for stress relief comes with the release and restoration. Relish the restorative yin yoga techniques and rebound tips.

Thank yourself for taking the time to fill a gap and live long with daily yoga class videos about the benefits of yin yang yoga to restore hips and fix runners and other athletes’ sore muscles in just mins.

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