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Legs up the Wall
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Legs up the Wall Overview

Yoga Legs Up the Wall

Today healthy yoga day 8 is about the benefits of legs up the wall.

This short 15 minute home yoga class is great to do at any time and every day.

Legs Up The Wall Benefits

Legs up the wall yoga has so many featuring health benefits. The gentle stretches beginning with the hamstrings are foundations for creating mindfulness changes.

The system of inversion yoga poses raises the immune system and is therapy when chronic level things come up.

Legs up the wall is a yoga sequence that has numerous benefits.

The hardest part of the class is getting your legs correct up the wall while keeping your seat near the wall.

I recommend you pad your surface, the mat on the floor or lie on a bed if you can put your legs up a wall on your bed. Relax as best you can.

How to Get Your Legs Up The Wall

To get into the yoga position sit slightly off to the side of your yoga mat. Sit your butt next to the wall, tuck the shoulder closest to the floor and follow up lift, and spin your legs up against the wall.

You can use your elbows to inch your self closer, or if your legs are really tight use your feet against the wall to gently push away from the wall as much as you need to in order to be comfortable in the yoga pose raising your legs up the wall.

Once in this position, relax and notice any sensations you feel in your body. Your feet may begin to tingle, hopefully any back pain begins to melt away. Hold the pose for one minute or about 10 slow breaths to see what happens.

The tingling in your feet is caused by the fluids that accumulate in the lower extremities, legs and feet, from standing all day or dietary or health reasons. For this reason this restorative yoga posture is just sometimes referred to as waterfall.

You can choose to remain in this neutral position or try various leg variations such as butterfly yoga pose or bound angle yoga pose on the wall. This exercise will open your hips. Notice what might happen if you experience how your low belly moves as you breathe.

Bound angle is done by sliding your feet down the wall toward your groin and allowing your knees to drop open like butterfly wings while the bottoms of the feet connect. To increase the hip opening aspects of this version use your hands to push your thighs toward the wall.

Remember this yoga class is relaxing, so do what feels most comfortable. After holding bound angle on the wall for two minutes or more, slide your legs up the wall to the beginning position.

I recommend holding this neutral position for one minute between each variation on the wall.

Next allow your legs to fall open against the wall like the letter “V”. After 20 seconds the inner thigh muscles will relax and you will enjoy a yummy release. Bring the legs up after a minute or two.

After one minute with legs up the wall in the neutral position try supine pigeon, a reclining twist to each side and finish in the neutral position for as long as it feels comfortable.

Legs up the wall is an excellent practice for insomnia and helps you sleep. It also provides great results during pregnancy, lupus and for sciatica. The position can be used during guided meditation.

I hope you feel rejuvenated and restored after this healthy yoga practice.

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