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Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Pain

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  • Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Pain
  • Yoga for Shoulder Pain
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Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Pain
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Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Pain​ Overview

Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Pain

Healthy yoga day 13 is yoga for your shoulder pain.

This yoga practice is done to help you understand the movement of the shoulders and the relationship with your neck.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint. This gives the shoulders movement in all directions.

The freedom of movement in the shoulder joint also makes it more prone to injury or agitation.

Take care of your neck, shoulders and the rest of your body in this yoga class.

If you are working through carpel tunnel, sciatica, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, or injury be especially careful and consult with a dr medial professional or your doctor before beginning any physical exercise.

Bring a chair into this yoga practice for support and comfort.

Gentle Yoga for Shoulder Pain Poses

Take is slow as we explore poses, shoulder openers and directional movement of the shoulders.

The muscles included in the shoulders include the biceps triceps trapezious, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and the rotator muscles of which there are four.

The rotator muscles are the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor.

The pectoralis major and minor can also be included as they assist with movement in the shoulders.

Sounds like a lot of muscles and keep in mind the arm in the shoulder socket can move in many ways.

Enjoy exploring your shoulder joints in this yoga class designed to help you prevent pain and shoulder injuries and to keep your shoulders functioning optimally.

I hope you find relief in the neck, shoulders and back in this beginners or intermediate stretch flow. Be gentle with the upper back stretches primarily for the shoulders but will also affect your neck.

You should not experience any pain. If you do, you are pushing too hard. These exercises will help with flexibility, keep fit, become therapy and are a great way to begin each morning.

Each yoga posture is designed to release stress, tension and relaxing, restorative heart open challenges.

The yoga class for shoulder pain to manage and hopefully reduce discomfort is under 15 minutes long. Each posture is held for 15, 17, 24 or 25 slow yoga breaths.

Your range of movement may be limited so use your arms, wrist is a way that will challenge you without pain. I hope you find improved range of motion in your neck and shoulder area.

Gentle Yoga Poses for Shoulder Blade Pain

Feel your arm strength as you move your arms forward strongly. Feel the weight of your hands as you do a quick strong tight grip to improve power. Release the tense hold. Loss of tension is yin like yoga.

You can repeat by doing daily or learn do the practice twice for a total of 30 minutes. I think its best and recommend you take a 10 minute break between each yoga class.

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