About Free Yoga Club


Janet parks

On March 17, 2020, we were forced to close our yoga studio due to the pandemic along with thousands of other small businesses.

We were devastated to be separated from our yoga tribe of students and teachers.

Out of necessity, we recorded several videos for YouTube. YouTube soon became our vehicle of choice. It gave us an opportunity to reinvent our yoga offerings.

We invited our yoga teachers to record themselves teaching for the channel too and Free Yoga Club was born.

We hope you enjoy the online classes and share with your friends and family.


Discover our free Classes online


Discover why 9 out of 10 “A” list actors practice yoga every day!

These classes are perfect for the beginners or intermediate . The yoga challenge starts easy and gradually becomes more fierce.

365 Inspired Classes

Why Would Anyone Ever do 365 Inspired Yoga Classes?

If 365 days of bliss can’t convince you?

Then here are 364 more reasons to pile on..

Yoga for your health

Insomnia? PTSD? Depression? Veritgo? Arthritis? 

21 Tried-And-True Yoga classes for looming health worries.

This series addresses very pesky health challenges that millions face. Each class is backed by rock-solid science. Consider these solutions.

10-Minute Transormations

10 Minute Transformations that will help you win the day!

Bottom Line. . . You’ll be blown away

Each unique class gets right into the yoga practice fast with clear direction to help you feel the benefits of yoga. Ready to win?

Hello all yogis. Welcome to our 100% FREE yoga classes online. During this troubling Coronavius time, we know that yoga is more important than ever and hope that you will enjoy the free yoga classes we will be providing for you.